25 March 2007

Quick panic about being on my own with two

We got loads of jobs done today, Martin is worried about me having too much to do next week so we got the kitchen cleaned and the living room tidy. It’s a little frightening, I’ve had backup for months and now I’m on my own with the two of them. I can’t help thinking I won’t cope.

I’m writing this really late at night and we’ve just got back from Dougie and EJs – it feels like the end of an era having us all together as a family and I’m almost sad that we spent this evening out of the house. I don’t want to resent losing him to other things; to work, to be specific. But I kind of do. Like it’s all over and we won’t have as much time ever again.

I’m determined to enjoy this last week together.

Money is going to be scarily tight again. Well, at the end of the month we’ll have a lot spare finally, but I can’t let myself live like that – I’m sick of thinking “one day”. It will be fine, we both have family who have been right where we are now. EJ was a little horrified when we begged for the chicken bones to take home with us today, but ah well. There was enough meat on that to last us another meal, and I can make stock enough for some nice soup. :)

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