14 March 2007

Moaning (not me for once)

Yesterday we had soft play, and kept Jenna so busy that she had a nap in the afternoon again. We are really enjoying having all four of us together, it's gone back to being like an extended holiday - for a while it was becoming more of a trial all being cooped up together.

We're so good at underestimating the environmental factors in Jenna's behaviour. It's ridiculous how much better behaved she is when she's busier and more out of doors (and eating less rubbish LOL) and indeed how much more patient we are with her. I really think I'm an unpleasant person when I spend too much time indoors. I guess probably that's what people are talking about half the time when they say they are bored with/of their children - it's the four walls that are depressing and frustrating not the children.

I'm still having an extended moan session about the negativity towards babies that seems so persistant and overwhelming. Children are a trial, they are horrible, irritating, boring, annoying. Everyone feels tired sometimes, everyone struggles. I certainly do - but it's like a way of life for some of the parents around my area! I can't help but think that they must be choosing to be unhappy... There is so much support around here and so much to do! How could you get bored?

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