18 March 2007

I'm still not as done in the garden as I want to be, and frustratingly the chickens keep getting put off and put off. It's especailly galling buying eggs! Money keeps being tight, and then when it isn't we spend it on other things that we need to do "first" - well we have what we need now for the rest of the month but not a lift now until the very last weekend in March.

Today, everything went on hold for Mothering Sunday. Jenna gave me a huge kiss this morning in bed, and she had made me a card. We spent the day with my Mum - we went to Church and Jenna went and got me some flowers - and then swimming and a rest in the cafe. I has been a lovely day.

Morgan is wearing a dress that didn't fit Jenna until MONTHS later, she's really different in shape. I knew at the time, I think, that Jenna was a little dot. And Morgan is still below average for her age, but perfectly normal and nicely in proportion. They just fit clothes differently. Maybe they always will! One big difference is that Jenna has a teeny tiny behind, so cut-for-cloth was unnecessary - the cloth nappies were the only thing holding her trousers up. But Morgan needs the extra room in her vests.

I'm getting a lot of affection from both children, and I was so worried about never getting another hug from Jenna a couple of months ago. Everything comes in cycles, the day and night pattern of need and independance, of pulling me close and pushing me away. Like the beating of a giant heart.

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