6 March 2007

A huge step (or rather, roll)

Yesterday Morgan got mobile. She was wiggling on the floor and spotted something she wanted (I think it was the video recorder lol - all those twinkly lights) so she was reaching and wriggling and pushing her head back. And she rolled. Cue look of total delight, and off she went. She rolled onto her back again, then her tummy, then she realised she could actually tuck her legs in and let momentum take her across the room! She was so pleased!

So far she hasn't repeated the antics for Martin, but late today she did it again under the play gym in the spare room and got stuck lol. :D She's so grown up. I guess that's it then - bye bye newborn.

Anyhows, soft play today and a very funny toddler moment about which I think I can be justifiably smug. We were headed to the bus stop and Jenna was loose, running along giggling. She passed the stop and legged it along the pavement towards the corner of the street (gasps from those at the bus stop, and mutterings or "isn't anyone with her"). I called out mildly, "Jenna, stop!" She did, and so "Turn around!" and she did that too. "Come on then, back to Mummy now!" And she did (pausing to step around a HUGE puddle on the way back)!!

We found an article about positive parenting in a baby mag too, it was really pleasant and actually much better than the usual perception of "gentle" which seems mostly around here to mean "uses time out". It's cool that so much good publicity is coming our way at the moment - it makes it much easier to talk about our family with other parents looking at me like I'm totally wierd. ;)

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