13 March 2007

Very very happy

It was so good to hold her again, and she has been an angel since she has been home. We've played outside a lot today as the weather is fab. And it's all so so good. Talk about getting back some perspective. Sometimes I can't wait for her to be out of my hair, but three days was nearly too long.

And the littlest one has done nothing but GRIN since Jenna came back late last night, it's crazy. I would have thought she would enjoy having a break from being sad/laid on! I was so grateful to get another full nights sleep last night, I've no idea how I got through Jenna's babyhood on so little sleep.

It's so great to be out of doors, my garden is looking lovely, I have SEEDLINGS and... My heart is full up with them, my lovely little family. *crying*

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