4 March 2007

Sunny weather

Yikes! Melancholy or what?! Lol OK so less reflective today. We’re doing OK this week. EC has really gone out the window though, maybe three or four catches a day is a bit lazy really. But we have been very busy (there I go again “too busy” to respond?), and Jenna has been sick again. She felt a little hot on and off yesterday and today she’s much better again. But she’s so sleepy when she’s poorly, so it was another day of pretty much being cuddled up on the sofa and not doing a lot.

I’ve done some gardening though! I’ve planted my tiny seeds for the vegetable plot (early peas, some cauliflower), the ones that need sowing continuously for a long harvest. My nasturtiums and lavender and calendula now that it’s warm enough for them to survive – almost everything I’ve put in has a purpose outside of looking pretty. I want a *functional* garden. :) I still haven’t managed a back carry, but I did feed Morgan in wrap cross carry – without switching her to cradle position – while we were gardening. My sudden effort out there is at least partly because I expect to order the chicken coop tomorrow. That means I have to reasonably think I can plant my veggies up, before I need to put netting over the plot, so that the garden destroyers are allowed free range for the first time at the end of the month.

It’s still sunny today, so another good chance to try to throw the teeny one over my shoulders to do some digging! :D

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