8 March 2007

Packing for Jenna

We're preparing for Jenna's trip away today, packing for her was so strange. I can't fathom how I'm going to feel once she's actuallu gone - three whole days in Newcastle LOL it's so soon, she's so teeny...

Other exciting things from today - the chicken coop came (but we can't get the chickens til next saturday because we need a lift from my Dad - mind we have Mum's dogs until she gets back with Jenna so we couldn't go this weekend anyway!). We've been trying to think up names, and looking at the instructions but not yet planning to build the thing!

Emma and Chris have been here all day (so Jenna is very happy) and they are staying over tonight too. Then when they go home we'll have just a little while to say goodbye to my big baby before off she goes! Eeek. :S

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