15 March 2007

Feeling sad for mothers who AP without support

We all went for a walk after my BAMBI training, with some friends. Jenna had gone to her grandparents so she wasn't there distracting me, and I had the rare chance to talk for a good long while to one of my few mother-friends locally. Well, it struck me that really I'm so quick to say how much I love motherhood and how easy it is most of the time... Oh God I'm sometimes really ashamed of the things I say - the judgements I make...

It must be really lonely when they are small, doing all this without someone like Martin. If you're always putting your family first and have no partner and no close friends then WHO PUTS YOU FIRST? I mean, when he's working and gets home I'm free. Obviously I'm still on call for milk lol but, I have someone to vent to and I have someone to take over when I lose it. :(

Sober reflections...

My big news for the day is that *gulp* I have managed to get myself the job of demonstrating and teaching Babywearing in all our local Surestart and Barnados centres! Actually I'm hoping that a NINO group might be the overall outcome of all this but WOW. :O I'm scared and excited at the same time.

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