27 March 2007

A wierd and unpleasant conversation

Mostly today I’ve been planning meals and shopping, and how we’re going to make £30 last for a month. Again. It will be fine, I repeat, a desperate mantra.

We have been to soft play (another last time) and I really did cry. I’ve never done soft play on my own, either my mum or Martin have been there with me. And I’m worried I’ll be lonely, I wish I’d made more friends there already. Oh I feel really childish. I just want to be good at being a mother but I feel now I have to do it full time (lol) that I’ll fail terribly because I’ve been relying so much on Martin.

Mum took Jenna swimming this afternoon too, and I ended up in one of “those” conversations with a woman who sat opposite me in the café. Now, can YOU think of any POLITE way you could ask directly, “So is your baby vaccinated then?” No? Me neither. *sigh*

The biggest problem is that I’m not anti-vax and even if I was I don’t think I’d feel I needed to convert anyone. So why anyone feels they have to convert me because I’m delaying Morgan’s...?
If I’m talking to someone who has made a decision – at all – for or against, I’m going to assume they made a decision for a reason. Certainly nobody is going to delay vaccinating if they believe that vaccines are 100% necessary, effective, and safe.

But bless her; I got a half hour lecture (in fact, a lengthy and poorly understood repetition of facts that I actually know the statistics for) taking the above as given. I was getting statements like, “Why would you not give your baby something that would definitely save their life from a deadly disease?” Um, what? How rude! And, scarily, “Millions of children died of measles every year when I was a child.” – honest to God I have no idea where I find these people.

Long rant, so I clearly didn’t like sitting there being talking at. ;) To the lady in the café, wherever you may be… Choose differently to me, that’s fine. Good for you for even knowing you had a choice and reading some facts even if you didn’t really understand them! Please, please, assume that I did the same?

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