11 March 2007

Thoughts without Jenna

Oh I miss her so MUCH! On the other hand I am a little worried that as soon as she gets in I'll start getting cross with her and that would be so awful. It's wierd, I thought this weekend would be hard but I really thought I'd do so much while she wasn't here, catch up on housework and do some baking, sewing etc. But Morgan has NOT co-operated.

She has slept badly, so I'm tired. And she has fed and fed and fed. I think she just does this every time I think I'm getting the hang of it, just to show me how much she still needs me and that she isn't actually designed to be neglected. Actually I think that would be a danger, if she didn't do this occasional desperate milk-driven camp-out!

This afternoon I helped put up the chicken coop while she sat in her bouncer like her normal happy self. And I was thinking, "goodness, I could forget you!". For about two hours we pottered and dug and built and she didn't ask to be picked up once, just smiled every time one of us spoke to her.

Anyhow since Morgan has calmed down after two nights and a day of being a little hungry mewling tiny one, I'm going to go do SOMETHING useful before we're back up to two. We just got the call to say they will be back by 8pm...

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