28 March 2007

More EC updating and a wonderful spring-time experience

Yesterday was our first good day in a long line of nappied days. I feel like I actually started reconnecting and getting things right with Morgan’s pottying. It’s so nice, when I take her to the potty and she smiles at me (although she often leans back to do so and hence misses the potty a little – I’ve taken to putting a nappy down too just in case). She loves going to the potty, and I’m sure that her sudden unexplained occasional yell is because she has gone in her nappy – she’s always poopy after those screams.

We have bad spells midday usually still, when it’s easier to have her in a nappy. I tend to put pressure on myself to do more, accomplish more, but I have to remember it isn’t about that. It’s about BEING, not doing. I just have to relax and it happens. :) Sometimes I feel like when I write about EC it sounds like a chore.

For me, it kind of is. I like chores that have an obvious positive impact on my children. I like washing nappies! But the connection we get when I take Morgan to the toilet is much better than nappies. It’s a chore with real fringe benefits to my overall parenting.

Last night we had tea with my mum again, and lit a huge fire in the garden to burn some bits of Christmas tree and stuff. Oh it was amazing, wonderful, joyful. The children loved the flickering, magical light. I loved it too!

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