24 March 2007

The Carried Family on Safari

Our trip to the Safari Park with the Dad’s group finally came around and we only got home after dark this evening. Jenna had a fantastic time! It was a great trip – well, the actuall TRIP part was great. The coach trip was a nightmare, other people’s kids are truly a trial.

What kind of parent exclaims in pride and admiration at the ignorant pronouncements of a fourteen year old (along with all the foul language that seemed just an everyday part of their lives) “If that tiger didn’t have stripes, he’d be a lion.” Nice. I’d expect that level of maturity and understanding from a toddler, not a teenager. Whose parents clearly thought it was the most intelligent thing they’d ever heard…

I wasn’t expecting all the children to behave perfectly, but there’s only so many times you can cope with the word “gay” in one trip.

Morgan fed quietly and Jenna chatted away, they both enjoyed it and I can’t complain. We spent so long in the aquarium that we are planning to visit the sealife centre next!

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