16 March 2007

Sitting here with just Morgan again

Jenna is still at her grandparents, having a whale of a time no doubt. It's nice but I do feel like she spends as much time with other people as with me. It presents another definate reason for not doing nursery (asides from educational reasons) - while she's still so small I need her as much as she needs me!

She is apparently watching Curious George, which is a fab film. It's like an unschooling treatise. "You don't learn by memorising facts and figures, you have to get out there and experience things for yourself." We already love the books lol... Well some days I doubt that I have the ability to teach my own children, but other days I am so sure that they'll never do "normal" school. ;)

Morgan is back to normal, except even better. She's happy and smiley and she sleeps and feeds wonderfully, but also she's awake more now. Even in the sling she likes to watch what everyone is doing. :)

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