25 July 2009

Two days in the house...

...and I am DEFINATELY ready to get us all out of here for a while! There is, however, almost nowhere around here where I won't be passing on our bug. *sigh* Tomorrow we can go that little bit further and not have to have any human contact at all to get there, but until then...

At least the girls seem to be able to keep themselves occupied with no help whatsoever! They have been little fairies doing yoga... (Note the cut on Morgan's head from hitting herself with the hefty solid wooden castle!)Argh! Pleeeease don't look too hard at the state of my floor!They willingly nap (shock!) to combat the all-over tiredness...They play those endless creative games with their little figures and vehicles...And have been helping out around the house (sometimes without my knowledge, hence the slightly guilty smile from Morgan).They play in the sand, and *on* the sandpit.We make spelt bread...We try to get the washing done, and get distracted by the little cutie playing with her hands on top of the washing pile...
And they all nap (again).They wear their babies in unconventional ways, and go back to the shelf-top game again...Do yet more yoga...And basically carry on being curious, funny, amazing, LIVELY little people. And drive me and my headache up the wall. ;)


  1. i know how you feel , we are in till next wednesday !! arrrgghh ! we actually walked round the block today !!

  2. They look like they're having fun, but the pictures don't show all the noise they make :) Hope you all feel better soon.

    What's your spelt bread recipe? I want to try some!

  3. Completely off topic but we have the same sand pit and swings. Only our sandpit has gone all mushy because the rain is getting in somehow :(

  4. Wonderful photos!

    The little elephant top looks gorgeou on Rowan, I still have the trousers to go with them, so they wll be on their way to you as soon as Willow gets too chubby for the lol! (Why are children's clothes, that are,supposed to be a set often not the same size at all?!)

    Gina xxx

  5. Just stopping by ... nice blog. I really like your paragraph in your "about me" section too. Attachment parenting with 2 is whole different ballgame then 1, I'm learning this first hand daily with my 2 little ones.

  6. Amber: The spelt loaf was the usual Tassajara recipe (halved) but with spelt flour (and a touch of potato flour) instead of wheat flour. I think I use 300g flour, 280ml warm water, yeast, agave... Then another 200g flour, sprinkle of salt, tbsp oil - and more flour for kneeding. :)

    Earthmummy: The sand pit regularly has the cover left off it and is fine so far - though we did manage to sprout alfafa in there when the children decided to sow some seeds in the damp sand!

    Gina: LOL Morgan has tops sized anything from 12-18m up to 4-5yrs so it's not surprising is it? And as for trousers... Must make more clothes myself!

    Erin: So glad you stopped by. Pleased to meet you. :)


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