26 July 2009

Lessons in weekend magic from my nature babies

What an amazing weekend...Always make your own path...Notice the small things...Reflect...Breathe deep of life...


  1. Such beautiful photos, I needed a reminder of what is imprtant ths morning too...Thank you for shaing them :)

    I will reply to your email as soon as I more than 30 seconds to myself. I have to tell you about my exciting myriad order lol!

    Love Gina xx

  2. What lovely lovely photos!Theres nothing to beat time spend out doors in the beauty of nature is there :o)
    GTM x

  3. It looks so peaceful - beautiful photos. Where is it? Lou xx

  4. The last three are Attenborough Nature Reserve in Nottingham, but the others are all at Calke Abbey which has the most AMAZING grounds.


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