2 July 2009

Stuff your reward charts!!

I can't STAND being given parenting advice by the BBC...

I should have known better really, but the word "Yoga" misled me into thinking it was safe. So the Waybuloo magazine looked pretty tempting in spite of the usual BBC idea of educational (ie lots of shape tracing lol). Yes, I knew it would be wierdly twee faux-japanese cartoon, but we have great tolerance for twee when it's something that is good in other ways.

We've seen the program a couple of times, and liked it. It's impossible to see properly what yoga pose they are doing. And as pointed out before it is twee beyond belief. But it is otherwise good. The big news? The characters are actually NICE, actually moral without being moralising. Actually kind to each other because they want to be, not given ulterior motives or helpful "don't you think that's NICE children?" superior attitudes.

Oh but then the magazine happened to us. And what a waste of money that was.

So thankyou, BBC. I don't want you to try to teach my children emotional literacy. I don't want you to moralise (to me or to them) about how LOVELY it is to SHARE. I don't want you to tell them that "fair" is when everyone gets exactly the same. Since when do we have to treat everyone like the same person to love them all equally (and uniquely)?

And STUFF YOUR REWARD CHARTS!!Memo: send DG of the BBC a copy of Alfie Cohen.


  1. what a shame about the magazine when at last i thought we were getting somewhere with a decent children's programme! Reu loves it and joins in with the yoga poses ,The magazine should be better !!! reward charts ???!!

  2. I know, given the program the magazine could have been really brilliant, actually worth keeping and using. Sadly not...

    But on the other hand we can get on board with stickers, even if we refuse to use them as specified. ;)

  3. To be fair I don't thin kthe DG of the BBc has a hell of a lot to do with it ;)
    My two love the bbc magazines: they stick the stickers all over the house and scribble madly (which is *not* allowed in books). I can't say I look at them myself though - and they certainly don't get them read to.

  4. hee hee :) My niece was bought that magazine by her daddy :) The stickers ended up EVERYWHERE! They had some really weird messages on didnt they?

  5. Love Rowan the sticker baby - we have one of those in our house :-)

  6. lol I nearly got caught out by the magazine as we like the programme, but I saw the words share and reward chart and put it back on the shelf, shame but they seem to be all the same.
    Lovely pics.


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