20 July 2009

Book Sharing Monday - Daddy's Lullaby

One of Martin's very favorites.The premise of the story is that Daddy arrives home after nightfall, but finds the small baby awake in her cot. He picks her up, plays with her, talks to her, comforts her, sings to her, and finally falls asleep with her in his arms!

The fact that baby is in a cot makes the story rather unlike our current experience. The Dad-working-for-our-keep thing might not fit every situation either! But it is such an affirmation of responding, and the illustrations are warmly muted but still realistic. It is a book about generous sleep-deprived fathering. The girls now sing the lullaby after so many reads..."Rockabye Baby in Daddy's arms, Daddy will keep you safe from all harm, Daddy is with you so don't make a peep, Rockabye baby let's both go to... sleep."


  1. I haven't seen this book before, it looks lovely :)

  2. Imogen loves this book

    Megan x

  3. Oh, this does look like a gorgeous book, I love the illustrations:)


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