17 July 2009

Free Food Friday

Well, it's not spectacular exactly, but we've been eating wild salads all week.

Gina and Claire between them have, unintentionally, recently given me another gentle prod to eat better. So we've been looking at what we do eat, and making little changes here and there. This week we've cut out sugar (except fruit) and hugely cut down on wheat. I made my first spelt bread. I have also eaten meat only once this week, egg once, and milk once. It is actually really easy to eat vegan food, and enjoy it. So for health reasons or ethical ones, I am much happier with what is going into the food I make.

All only loosly related to these little green cousins of spinach. Higher in iron and several vitamins, prolific edible weed: Fat Hen. It's so much fun not to be frustrated pulling this stuff out of my vegetable plot all through the summer, and be harvesting it instead. :)PS: When I say "we", I largely mean "the girls and I" as I have yet to convince the chocolate eating hubby...!

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  1. We're about 6 weeks into the no sugar or wheat thing now and I really do feel so much better already.

    Love your photo of the fat hen (what a great name!)it has reminded me to harvest some wild greens on our next walk :)


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