20 July 2009

Some days, lol

At least I can laugh later...

Work event: Boring, lengthy, and raining so hard none of the planned outdoor stuff happened! I got stuck in the breastfeeding bubble - you know, where I'm feeding in public and hubby has gone off to take children to the toilet and I become invisible... I guess normal people can't say hi to the breastfeeding mother in case they inadvertantly get contaminated by the mere hint of bodily fluids...

Then urgent food shop as there was NOTHING in the house. Embarrased at the till by the credits not having been paid in yet (!). They arrive five hours late, after the children have already had to go to bed having eaten a biscuit and a hard boiled egg each for tea (we'd even already eaten everything out of the garden that was ready to harvest too)!

Had a little cry. And a cup of chamomile tea. And went to bed with my snuggly beautiful baby. Not a bad end to a disastrous day I suppose!

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  1. Oh no Sarah, I know how you feel...I had one of those money day too..was just abut to post about it too!


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