3 July 2009

Summer colour

The hot pinks, sunny oranges and assorted plant colours of a season table in high summer.The cool fresh fragrant white of the last batch of elderflower cordial before all the flowers are gone.I may not get to post again over the next couple of days, we are busy busy busy. Going to the Formula 1 on Saturday - actually really to the F1 (free tickets, free funfair, oh yes indeed)! Then we're going camping for a couple of days, to see my lovely friend Kim and take her chocolate and baby things. Either in commiseration on still being pregnant, or in celebration on having had her lovely baby. Less than a week ago I said that I really wanted a holiday but we couldn't afford to. Hubby text me an hour later to say he'd booked time off, "we are going camping, where would you like to go?" :) So, I will probably be around by midweek; think of me every time it rains, because our tent isn't very waterproof...


  1. Enjoy your camping trip hon :)

    And I love the colours of your season table. Very summery.

  2. Hi

    I've really missed reading this. Just bookmarked it o i can keep up to it.

    Hope you're all well


  3. Your season table is very pretty in high summer :)

  4. Have a wonderful time. I wish you a rain-free dry camping trip!

    Uma x

  5. Have a lovely time up here, whereabouts are you camping? Need any suggestions of child friendly (lots of space to run) places to visit?

  6. Hi Sarah, so good to catch up with your blog at last :)

    Have a wonderful camping trip, I'm really envious, we love camping!

    Gina xx

  7. Have a lovely time - hope it stays dry for you!

    Broken Man's Wife

  8. Hope your having fun.
    Love to you all xx


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