14 July 2009

Another Bump Blessing

The amazing, wonderful, beautiful Emma had a little get together and was showered with expectant-mother blessings. We didn't tell her we had plans. She called me sneaky. She may be right. ;)
We did henna, painting, tie-dye, and made a mobile from buttons and sequins. We filled the house with laughter and celebration of this special friend of ours, and left behind nurturing treats for her and quirky gifts for her baby (including hand-knits, a home-made onbag, and essential oil blends). Lovely lovely day.>


  1. Beautiful pictures, they made me smile so much this morning :)

    (Is Emma your friend whose wedding photos I remeber seeing when Jenna was still the littlest one, I think her partner was Chris ?!) Huge Congratulations to her anyway

    Gina xxx

  2. Gina, yes, wow you have an amazing memory! Emma and Chris lived with us for a year, way back when Jenna was just toddling. They moved into their own place when I was pregnant with Morgan.

    So close to giving birth to their own beautiful babe now!

  3. How lovely :)

    I remember that they lived at your house, you know what. as soon as I read yor reply, I suddenly remembered that you collected a wardrobe from freecycle when they were moving in LOL!

    Ash always jokes about how scarey my memory is, he on the other hand can't ever remember a thing, so we work well together!

    Sending gentle peaceful birthing vibes to Emma.

    Gina xxx

  4. Lovely bump blessing pics, I so want to have one for myself but don't really have any local like minded friends to celebrate with! What did you use for the tie dying? I have been trying to find out what dye to use to do some babygros etc but can't seem to find what to use

    Alice x


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