28 July 2009

The classic new mum complaint...

...I am SO TIRED. More tired than any parent of a baby that sleeps as much as mine does has a right to be!

Rowan is an amazingly peaceful, laid back, co-sleeper. Waking next to her is such a pleasure, and she REALLY isn't to blame for disturbing my rest. She nurses a couple of times a night. I take her to the toilet probably once every couple of nights - she's in nappies still so, you know, when I remember that latching off and grumping and breathing heavy MEANS something at 2am...

I am eating well. Everything is pretty much better than it has been in over a year. And *yawn* I can't keep my eyes open by 8pm!

Today we went swimming with Em and Chris. Rowan stayed in for about 45 minutes, even though I thought the water would be too cold for her. Then we went to grab some more fresh fruit from the wholefoods shop (and I tried my first Concious Chocolate - wow). We spent the afternoon playing over at Em's house. It was a good day, a productive day, a not-too-stressed day.

I won't list the things we *didn't* get done. Because every mama knows there are those, too. ;)

If I had a point, I lost it somewhere along the way. I'm tired. I bet most of you are too! And today has been good. But can I sleep now please?


  1. Go on, go to bed, it's 8pm, not an unreasonable time to go to bed imo! :)


  2. PFFFT how do you think i feel, catching up on the last 34,57567 blog posts of yours!

    .....which I've thoroughly enjoyed so I'm not complaining! =]=]=]

  3. Well I only have 2 smalls & between 8 & 9pm is my normal bedtime :o) I am banjaxed by then so head for the attic,maybe knit a bit,listen a bit to radio 7 as they read some good books out & then dreamland...zzzzz
    I have alwys been a proud early to bedder lol!
    I love the star weaving :o)
    GTM x x

  4. I'm tired all the time too Sarah and Willow is almost one now, I'm going to blog about how I'm tackling this as soon as I have a spare moment!

    Hope you had a restful sleep ;)

    Gina xx

  5. I've just sent ages writting a blog about this very thing....exhaustion is more the word thats springs to mind at the moment and charlie is 2 years 9 months lol !!!! Anyway am so so fed up as ive lost my post :(
    sue xx


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