18 July 2009

A little tour of my life...

In my world, there are always piles of dishes on the drainer. Drying up? Nah, there's always a reason to leave the stuff to drip dry.Someone is almost always doing yoga around here.My mum pops in on her way places and goes home with a loaf of bread and henna on her arm.Surprises and parcels turn up out of the blue, as blessings are spread around liberally by kind-hearted mamas. (Thankyou so much Claire, the books and bonnet made my week!)And someone is almost always reading. Or asleep. These two activities can fit rather well together.If there is not a pile of stuff on the back of my sofa, then it MUST be piled up on the seat instead so I can fish something out from down the back. The back of the sofa is my side table, craft area, filing cabinet, and book rest.In my world, games go on for days without end.Small people rarely wear clothes. Not voluntarily anyway. Sometimes they choose wonderful combinations. Sometimes just a dressing gown is good, for snuggly cuddles and early morning warmth.In my world, for every project or task finished, two more are left undone. You'll have to excuse me not photographing the unfinished projects basket... ;)In my world there is baby smell. Baby smiles. And baby confused faces trying on the dress I made her.And the mess gets *everywhere*.


  1. What a lovely post! And the sling you have made (?) is *beautiful*.

  2. These are my favorite kinds of posts. I love to sneak a peek at other people's lives :) I'm so nosey...

  3. Your world looks like a very happy place :-) Love the pic of a smiling Rowan.

    Best wishes

  4. Such a beautiful post Sarah, your life is so warm and inspiring. The yoga photo made me laugh as we have a catchphrase in our house; we say 'yoga babies!' and almost instantly there are three little bottoms poking up in the air as Mia, Tarka and Willow try out the cat pose!
    Thank you for sharing and bringing such a big smile to my face...

    Gina xxx

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Yes just got back online after laptop had a hissy fit and had to be sent away to be fixed...it arrived back today so been catching up on your blog..ohhh beautiful photos as always :-).. and then suddenly I see beautiful rowan wearing the soakers I crocheted for her.... ohhhh I am so glad they fit ok :-)

    Goodness I've missed you all, so lovely to read what you've been up to!


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