2 July 2009


I kind of knew this was coming... I don't think Martin did though...

My wonderful lovely sweet kind mother in law has been given two years to live. We told the children and Jenna said, "oh mummy - she might *not* die!" I don't know how my father in law is going to survive... And I can't handle the thought that Rowan might never get to know her...

It's not fair. Even as I say it I realise how empty and useless that is, refusing to accept it just because she's a wonderful person. Good people die every day.

The shock would be horrible if she had just died. But how will we live with the waiting?

My sweet husband is grieving.


  1. Sending you all huge, huge hugs. xxx

  2. oh, I am so sorry for all of you! Make sure to enjoy the days you have, which I know you will.

  3. Oh Sarah, I'm so sorry, for all of you.
    My Gradma was told she hadnt long to live just in time for Tobys first christmas. The worst thing was the waiting, knowing it had to happen. She was such a wonderful person, and I was heartbroken that to Toby she would always just be some old lady in one if mummy's photo books. But you know what? She isnt. He knows exactly who she is. He will point her out in pictures before even i notice her. My uncle still lives in her house, and the last time we were there (bout 6months ago) toby went looking for her, asking to be let into what used to be her bedroom. There is a picture of her by my bed, and a coupled of months ago he looked at it and said "my grandma love me". I burst into tears but I love knowing he hasnt forgotten her. He was 9months old when she died. Nadia will not be forgotten.

    Praying for you all xxx

  4. :( I'm so sorry (again) hun, words can't change a thing but I'm thinking of you all. Poor Martin, poor all of you :( it's just not fair.


  5. ((((HUGS)))) and prayers for you all

  6. Hugs from here too Sarah.
    You know, John's parents died within two years of each other, when the children were 7, 6, 4, 3 and 8 weeks old, but the older 4 still have memories of their lovely grandparents. They often remind us little things they did, or remember places we went together. Enjoy your time together now, and make special memories for your girls, Martin and yourself to cherish forever.


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