21 July 2009

Some more smiles

AKA a blog post mostly comprised of those things that normal people don't take photographs of...I made this for Rowan first thing yesterday morning. Morgan had an amber necklace, but it's too short for Rowan so I extended it with blue and purple fluorite. So pretty, and I really hope it works. She has been chewing EVERYTHING this week, making the side of the sling slobbery and biting my fingers. I'm not expecting actual teeth yet though, both of the others teethed for nearly a year before getting any, and Rowan has an extended frenulum too (basically what causes tongue-tie, but more extensively on the upper gum so it has never caused any of us any hassles).A very successful trip into town, bringing home an entire storecupboard shop from the vegan wholefood store and some great charity shop finds!

And then, yes, more organising. I am SO PLEASED with how the shelves in the living room are working, we have lots of toy storage and they look pretty and best of all they get used really well for lots and lots of creative play. :)We even moved the Season Table to the top shelf of the new small bookshelves that Martin built last night, so now it's in the living room and the space in the kitchen is freed up... Admittely for washing at this moment in time, but baby steps lol. ;)


  1. I love phtos like this, little incidental bits and pieces of family life :)

    The shelves look great and your season table is so colourful.

  2. Hey, my kind of pictures. The nothing yet the everything of life.
    And how do you manage to find such lovely clothes in the charity shops, you must have far more nose for a bargain than I do....or infinite patience for the search!

  3. I can't get over how much Rowan looks like Martin! Growing so quickly :)

    Well done on the re-organisation. We could do with a whole heap of that!


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