21 July 2009

Times when the sun DID shine

Over the rubbish weekend, that is. ;)The baby continued to be squishy and adorable. My Dad's new mother in law and my Dad's mum collaborated on this sweet little cotton jumper, though I suspect they'd be horrified at wearing it with tie dye and a stripe bandana dribble bib...Jenna got REALLY HIGH up the tree. Some parents were looking on anxiously lol. But she got down again safely, without anyone saying "careful" at her and putting her off!Attenborough was beautiful on Saturday, when we popped over to see Nadia and Roland. Nadia is looking fragile, but otherwise doing fine. So good to see them both, and so good to spend some time climbing trees and watching the water birds. Morgan kept trying to make friends with the geese, but after a particularly large one stole the entire paper bag of duck corn from her hands she was understandably less keen...

And OK, once we'd got our food it was tipping it down and the whole event was a bit of a letdown, but look how sweet my children were in facepaint.(First time they've ever been allowed the stuff, and OF COURSE they came out in rashes from it, but it made them very happy for a while. Chamomile fixes EVERYTHING at this age! *grins*)


  1. Yay for Attenborough and the face paint. I can't wait for a walk when we are back in Uk - not long now. Glad the sun is shining (even if only a little bit).
    Lou xx

  2. What beatiful colourful happy smiley, photos - Such a joy to see on a grey rainy morning! I love the photo of all five of you, Rowan looks like such a wonderful rainbow baby in it :)

    Gina xxxx

  3. So...climbing the tree and not saying careful--how do you do it? It's like this knee jerk reaction for me to say that every time Ingrid is doing something risky! I don't even realize I'm saying it.

  4. Amber: Practice! You think very carefully about where to stand so you have the best chance of catching them without LOOKING like you might need to catch them, and then repeat over and over in your head "give instructions NOT warnings, give instructions NOT warnings!" Then if she wobbles, you say casually, "try holding *this* branch" lol.

    Lou: Would be so lovely to go for a walk together in a couple of months! Hope everything goes to plan and the sun shines for you when you visit.

  5. Lovely photo's as always.
    I so wish I could say yes to my boys and facepaint...but daren't risk the rashes :-(
    And I love Rowan all bright and colourfully wrapped.


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