6 April 2009

Yet another quick note

Children's party and long walk mitigated by arrival of wonderful best friend who helped me get the children ready, held little hands on the walk, provided moral support when mama feeling achey and fed up, and shared LARGE slice of chocolate cake and big bowl of nachos.

More friends came for tea and brought ice-cream with them. Children so exhausted by party the protests over bedtime didn't come! Played board games until nearly midnight (as demonstrated by the time of this post). Thank goodness for friends and all the wonderful and inventive ways they support the lumpy grumpy exhausted pregnant mama and her family!


  1. Glad to see you got through today's party and have had a good time tonight

  2. **Hugs**

    Sounds a lot of fun :)


  3. delightfully sweet little note about you and your kids enjoying.

    You have cute lil kids there


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