8 April 2009

Just have a feeling...

... about the full moon and labour starting in time to disrupt our Passover preparations...

I've never thought of myself as superstitious - so maybe it's simply wishful thinking! Anyhow, I'm currently halfway through making chocolate cheesecake (singed one lot of chocolate already and need to go get more *sigh*), and obviously enjoying the major cooking-and-cleaning drama (well, call it an odd combination of nesting and spring-cleaning and religious observance)...

Really hoping the next you hear from me will be that my waters have broken rather than that I've burnt a second lot of chocolate!


  1. Hope the second lot of chocolate melted rather than singing. Praying that all the labour vibes winging their way to you take effect too!

  2. ooh, how exciting!

    Gina xx

  3. Ohhh, yeah the moon is lovely this evening. Hoping the pull of the moon helps things along honey.. would be lovely to read the little one has arrived. :)

  4. fingers crossed babe xxxxxx
    kim xx

  5. Your feeling might just prove to be right - more women than statistically likely do go into labour when there is a full moon, apparently!

    Good luck :)

  6. btw, I hope you received your eggs and little extra safely :) I see on the green parent forum the other ladies recieved theirs.

    Have a good evening honey :)

  7. Hi! Com'on baby! I'm back in Derby and wanna meet you! Come on out! Hey Sarah! Can't believe you're still pregnant. My housemate keeps on asking me about you as I've talked about it so much! Hope it's soon, you seem to be rather fed up by it all!

  8. I keep imagining that the next text from you will be to tell me things are happening but each time I'm disappointed! (ha! That sounds awful, I'm never disappointed by receiving a text from you but ygwim!) Of course, one of these times I'm not going to be disappointed and I can start jumping for joy.


    P.S. I'm starting something tonight for you and I'm hoping it will somehow help things along, all will become clear! ;)


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