13 April 2009

More Easter pictures

Yesterday afternoon we were going to have lunch with my mum but my little brother didn't put the oven on for us! So out we went for an unconventional Easter Sunday Lunch; pizza. The girls helped to make it in fact.
And we made egg-shell candles later. Well, I made - the girls were pretty much too busy eating cake and watching Doctor Who... Morgan did say, "me hewp!" but quickly wandered off again. Jenna's interest only went as far as asking what she could smell burning (thanks baby).

We were meant to be going to an Easter Egg trail this afternoon. But we are broke again, when I checked the account I had assumed money for shopping had gone out earlier in the week but it hadn't gone until today, so we don't have busfare. So as not to upset Jenna, we set up our own egg hunt and had a picnic in the garden. The girls couldn't have cared less that we were staying in again!
But I am still upset that we couldn't go out. And that we have very little food in the house. And that I have to see the midwife tomorrow for another two-weeks-overdue type conversation. I feel whiney. I feel like running away.

Instead, I wait. And watch two little girls playing in the sunshine. And try to find some hope.


  1. Hello, I have recently started to read your blog. I think that as adults we punish ourselves with guilt when a plan cant go ahead because of funds. The children however have a wonderful time with the most simple of things like a picnic in the garden (or even on a rug in the house). These are the things that they will remember the most. (I tell myself this anyway, kind of makes me feel better ;)...
    Love the blog by the way.

    Sarah x

  2. Nice to meet you! I know, I know, you're so right... I'm just feeling fragile lol. I'm so glad we have the lovely garden though, and the weather has been great today. :)

  3. Awwww, don't feel bad, I think children just find fun anywhere and they all love picnics whether they are on the beach or in the living room!

    I felt a bit bad because I told my eldest we'd be going to an organised easter egg hunt, but then I realised it would be £14 for the family (OK not megabucks but not THAT cheap!) and there was no guarantee they would find any eggs so I hid some little ones all over the living room and dining room. She was just as happy with that :)

    Hope all goes well with the midwife, I know how it feels when you start going overdue so I hope it all kicks off ASAP. I think I read you wanted a homebirth? Good for you! I desperately wanted one for my second but medical reasons meant I "wasn't allowed" (in the event of course I was absolutely fine, had no intervention and went home 2 hours after the birth despite all their dire predictions of doom beforehand).

    Hugs, Mel xxx

  4. Yeah, "not allowed" - they're good with that phrase around here too. ;) I'm "not allowed" a homebirth if I go another couple of days, though interested to see how they propose to force me to move barring any actual medical emergancy...

    All being well I'm not going to make it to any appointment anyway. *grins*


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