24 April 2009

Firsts and other happy mummy-nonsense

Her cord came off on day five, just after we left the midwives (of course) and more firsts come and go. I still can't honestly look at her and say never again, although my hips are still clicky and my stomach muscles are non-existant and pregnancy is a VERY clear recent memory... Imagine, the last time to have a tiny this size. No. I can't let go of that yet. And maybe I ought not let myself dwell on it anyway.

We had our first potty "catches" the same day, and regularly since. Maybe EC is easier the second time around after all? I don't really have to think about it, though I don't think I'm catching even half. But then again neither is it remotely bothering me how many I get or don't get, I'm just tuning in one at a time and being glad for the understanding of her this offers.

And some boxes of baby clothes came down from the attic, mostly gifts that Jenna and Morgan were given and almost all too pink for my tastes... Though Rowan does look sweet in the little flowery vest she's currently wearing, asleep on my lap making little sucky motions every now and again. I wonder if they really do dream of milk?

Ack, now I'm looking at her again and have lost my ability to type. Little bright curious eyes just peeping - what on earth can mamma be doing tapping away there? Ten days old! How fast it passes; too fast to miss even another five minutes of pulling faces at her and talking nonsense. Signing off, still babymooning.


  1. I found the "core stability" exercises the physio made me do *really* helpful for the tummy muscles - and 10 days after birth my stomach muscles had parted so much that they were round by my hips - they certainly weren't measuring the gap in fingers!

    I didn't think it would work - the exercises are so gentle I didn't think they would do anything, but the gap closed really fast. They're based on pilates - I'm sure you know what to do, but if not, let me know and I'll send the the leaflet - really simple and really, really effective!

    By the way, we have the hat to match the dotty outfis she's wearing in one of your pics if you'd like it - Grace never really liked hats!

    Broken Man's wife

  2. Awwww...so glad you're enjoying your gorgeous girls


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