2 April 2009

Another quiet day

Another day with children gone for part of it, that is. And of course definately still all quiet on the new-arrival front.

I've done washing (oh the joy of nappies on the line in the sunshine!) and generally pottered. Finished reading Homemaking as a Social Art and The Creative Family (highly recommend the latter by the way, what a lovely book - even if the projects are ones I've seen before they've certainly re-inspired and refreshed me). Decorated the table as I know I won't get time tomorrow.
It's our five year wedding anniversary tomorrow. I can't believe how fast those few years have flown by. I'm not going to force you to read a paragraph of me being totally soppy, but... Every day with him is a blessing. Even those days when I have a whole essay of complaints about him. ;)

I made the little felt flowers for the table, as the cloth was just a bit too yellow on its own. Instant satisfaction project, though I bet they are shortly removed for play by a certain pink-obsessed four year old.

This past couple of days has felt like taking a big deep breath in, a pause and a renewing, on the cusp of something new.


  1. Happy Anniversary for tomorrow. Your gentle, happy family are an inspiration. I hope you have a lovely day :)

    Gina xxx

  2. Have a lovely anniversary tomorrow. I know what you mean about years flying past so quickly, almost without notice. Enjoy

  3. Hope you had a lovely anniversary yesterday.
    Although you are more noticeable in your absence, did you get an extra special anniversary surprise.......
    Much love.


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