27 April 2009

More peaceful family pictures

Because the good bits are if anything more real, more true to life, than the hard times. My beautiful big girls. My wonderful husband (who made bread - and cleaned the bathroom!). My precious bundle. Hours and days of abundant joy.


  1. you look beautiful in that photo, mama! Fierce and tired and in love, just like a mama to a new baby (and 2 others!) should!

  2. love the drumming picture, and your dolls house on the shelves is a great idea x

  3. that is my new favourite picture of you, I also thing your top is very pretty :)

  4. Those are gorgeous family photographs to treasure! You all look so happy.

    Just read your previous post about the incident in the shop. Don't feel bad, nothing awful happened to the girls and the man is probably some child hating old git who couldn't manage even one child for five minutes!

    Mel xxx


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