22 April 2009

How it is...

There are Daddy snuggles...

Sisterly snuggles...

Nobody can resist her soft soft skin and sweet baby smell!

We planted her placenta under a rose bush, and enjoyed the sun in our little garden. Everything is still sweet goodness. Though post-natal hormones have made me really tearful - and I'm just recovering from a bit of soreness from teeny latching baby mouth (blisters, ouch).

So hormonal that the first person to ask me if she's a "good baby" just got looked at in blank uncomprehension - "She's beautiful - she's perfect!" I say, totally taken aback. It takes another hour or so of feeling wierded out to remember that I'm going to be answering that question for a year or so, as I've had to do with the older girls before her...

(PS: apologies for image quality this time lol, think I need to adjust something again as I messed with settings!)


  1. Snuggly loveliness! Yes, the "Is she a good baby?" question pees me off too - just what IS a 'bad baby' then?! You're doing fab, mamma! xxx

  2. oh you all look soooo deeply in love .. wonderful xx

  3. seeing you wearing rowan is making me all broody xx

  4. Sarah, it's Suzi :) hi!

    Rowan is so beautiful!

    Morgan looks so proud and happy to have Rowan as her baby sister.

    I'm sure Jenna is over the moon aswell (even though she's outside busy on the swings!).

    Hope you're going alright adjusting back to all the silly people in the world with their silly questions and silly answers!

    Xox Suzi:)

  5. Ohhhhh, beautiful pictures. I love the one of you both asleep, that is utterly gorgeous :)

    Mmm, feeling broody here too lol.


  6. Broken Man answers that question with a blank look and a response of "I think she's a little young to understand the metaphysical nature of good and evil". It throws people every time!

    Broken Man's Wife

  7. Fabulous :)
    I love the ring sling colours, I assume it's a home made one?

    What a beautiful little girl with such gorgeous big sisiters too :)

    Love Gina xxx

  8. :) lovely pictures as always and you really do all seem so in love! :) xxx

  9. Oh what beautiful pictures! I love your words, I remember those tender early days of sweetness and emotionally charged-ness. She truly looks amazingly perfect, I love the pic of you leaning over her, so lovely :)


  10. Beautiful pictures, she's gorgeous. I love the close up of the two of you!

    Mel xxx

  11. Absolutely wonderfully gorgeous =] Being a mam of 3 definitly suits you too


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