9 April 2009

I burnt the second lot of chocolate

...but had the foresight as the pregnant-disaster-area-mama to buy double quantities just in case my mind wandered again... The chocolate cheescake looks gorgeous, but we didn't get to eat any yet (there was too much else to eat and our expected guests couldn't escape on time to join us for our Seder meal). I'm still hoping that it will get to be a birthday cake - but if not I'm SURE it will still make me smile.

Last night was wonderful. About halfway through, Jenna suddenly declared, "Hey, we did this story before!" And she said the blessing at the end of the Seder for us, with prompting from Daddy; she tells me that next year she will be able to do some of the long readings for us. So many questions she had too, what does this mean, why did that happen, in just this short year her understanding and curiosity... she has grown so much! It sometimes takes a way-marker like this feast to show me.

Too uncomfortable to sleep though and having contractions this morning. But no, I don't think anything is happening just yet apart from that the baby is doing its best to outstay its welcome. I am not rising to the bait. If it stays in there til Saturday then daddy will get an extra two days of holiday that work would otherwise be trying to con him out of. *grins*

This morning for some reason Morgan has decided to walk around the whole house finding twos of things. It started this morning while she was nursing - she let go, looked puzzled at me, pointed to my face and said, "mummy TWO eyes", more confused looks, "ME two eyes, too!" Now we have, "look... two daddy socks... look... two... beebirds (ladybirds)... TWO pens (pennies)... two... draws (crayons)... two books!"


  1. Lovely photos, I'm amazed you have the energy to prepare such a feast! I love the swing photo too, Tarka keeps asking to look at it.

    Posted a few recent charity shop baby finds off to you yesterday and a couple of books for Jenna and Morgan, they should be with you soon, hopefully :)

    Gina xxx

  2. How do you find your energy??? The feast looks lovely and the cheesecake sounds delicious - DH's comment was "mmmmmmm..."

  3. you are an inspiration :)
    lovely pics as always.
    sue xx


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