29 April 2009

Baby things and special treats

A few things I've been meaning to show off! ;)

This beautiful lotus came with a blessing from Naomi. It now lives beside our family bed, and I'm sure Rowan will treasure it as I do. :) These gifts have flooded in over the last two weeks, with more cards besides (most of them pictured previously in family shots). Gina, Uma, Angie, Broken Man, Kim, Alison, Jeni, Ashleigh; thankyou all! Rowan is slightly spoilt for clothes really, so many character-full, unique, organic, and special finds for this little one. On top of the purple spotty sleepsuit is a blue Goddess bead from Gina which I'm wearing right now, and most of the rainbow things in the bottom piture were the results of a shopping trip by Kim and Jeni before they dropped in to see us. Thankyou, thankyou and thankyou again. Special mentions also to the blessing of home-cooked food (including an entire cherry and almond cake) from Sam and Kev (and more recently also from my mum and some kind folks from church).

How loved we all feel. :)

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  1. What lovely gifts, glad ours arrived safely :)


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