10 April 2009

Good Friday

Well for those who didn't already catch up on the Morgan situation she's all OK and didn't need any stitches (I'm so glad I put it off until this morning, because it was even to my untrained eye knitting together better when she got up). Still, being poked by more people wearing gloves has sent her into a comfort-nursing snuggly tired phase. Which is all good because the nursing is definately bringing on some strong pre-labour!

A walk, some time playing on the park in the cold mid-morning still all silvery with dew, and after lunch even a swim too courtesy of my mum, has totally spent even Jenna's massive amount of energy today. So they both went to bed very early, after lighting the candle in our Easter garden and wrapping a little wax caterpillar to put in the "tomb".
DH laughs at me for being so excited about re-decorating the table for Easter breakfast; I have a little box of goodies hidden away all ready. I'll admit it quite openly though, I love the anticipation of the changing calender of festivals and planning all these small surprises through our year... There's something magical about it, every time the same but different, every year more questions and more joy in celebrating together. I can't *quite* say I enjoy it more than the children, because the joy of it for me lies at least partly in seeing their faces every time...


  1. It's good to see that your trust in nature was well founded and that Morgan is going to be OK. I got a bit of dry skin on my hand hart week, which was probably due to the cold weather, and everyone at work said it was because I wasn't wearing hand cream, and I had lots of well meaning people offering to lend me some. The last time that happened and someone just slapped the cream on without giving me chance to get away, I developed a very nasty rash!

  2. Glad Morgan is getting well :)

    I know exactly what you mean about planning the small suprises! It's one
    of the little joys of parenting:) Plus you get to be all excited, like a child again!


  3. So pleased Morgan's recovering well


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