20 April 2009

Rowan again

It's so difficult to put her down. The first time we went out anywhere (see evidence in previous post lol) I took ages to put her in the car seat, not sure I wanted to stop touching her for just that short length of time. Like with Morgan, she actually doesn't mind being passed over to other people - it's me who finds myself making excuses because I just don't feel like it!

PS - Some assorted questions answered in comments section, and LOL did you all notice that photobucket censored my birth pictures?! ;)


  1. Lol, noticed the censoring but couldn't remember which pic it was, they were all beautiful!

    That photo of you looking at Rowan is absolutely gorgeous. Hope you're all enjoying settling her in :)

    Claire xxx

  2. she is so beautiful x can i have a hug ? x

  3. Oh she is seriously gorgeous! I have baby lust just looking at the two of you together. You are looking seriously well mama, very glowing and beautiful :)

    btw, is it ok for me to add your blog to my list of links?

    Enjoy your babymoon! You look like you are :)


  4. She is so very beautiful! And don't make excuses, don't feel bad about not handing her over-I was (and sometimes still am!!) exactely the same, it shouldn't just be assumed you'll part with her. BEautiful photos.
    Uma x

    ps-shall post your stuff tomorrow-sorry its taken so long, wanted to put in a little something for Rowan too :)

  5. Strange question, but can I ask why you post the pictures through photobucket rather than uploading them straight through blogger?

  6. Ps. something to make so smile- every time i switch the laptop on, Toby crawls into my lap and says "look. baby. row-an" :)

    He was also rather suprised to see "Nenna" and "Dordon" (having trouble with that one ;)) "in. tree!"

  7. Izzy, I use photobucket as it takes soo long to upload pictures on here using my computer (same with facebook, takes flipping hours lol).

    Claire, of course you can. :) Thankyou!

  8. The photo of you gazing at Rowan is absolutely lovely hun and I think one to treasure for many years :) xxx

  9. wow, Congratualtions. I've been offline over the Easter holidays but what lovely news to come back to. Beautiful birth story and gorgeous pictures as usual. Welcome to the world little Rowan and well done you. Lou xx

  10. Oh, She is sooo lovely and you amazing too :)


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