29 April 2009

How to blog about such eventful days?

Every single day is full of the kind of normal-but-exciting stuff that defies words. I can't describe the significance of an hour figuring out new ways to manage tandem nursing. Or the joy of another hour (or two) mostly dozing with a tiny sniffly snuffly warm naked baby. It's all important, precious, but somehow trying to write about it is beyond me. It's almost impossible to pin down.

So, of course, more pictures. Poorly Morgan yesterday, cuddled up and happy. She slept and nursed all day and is all fine now. :) Look at that head control! And two lovely tandem nursing pics to replace the one that photobucket censored. ;)
Morgan is suddenly slightly inclined to ask for milk any time I settle down to nurse Rowan. I'm glad she didn't wean, it's great to be able to reassure her like this, but also the toddler poor positioning is making me feel ready for her to be done. I'm very grateful that I have nothing LIKE those weaning urges I had when I was nursing Jenna though. I have all these mushy feelings towards both of the older ones in fact, no feeling of detachment or preference for spending time with the New Baby. I kind of thought that sort of negative reaction would be inevitable!

I'm still finding EC and tuning in to Rowan really easy too, even when she's cuddled up on someone else. A few times, without thinking about it, I've found myself saying, "Martin, she needs to pee!" If I keep the potty close, we "catch" nearly 100%. If I have her on open nappies, we get every poop in the potty (she won't dirty a nappy at all, and is already waiting for me to put her in potty position) though she will pee in a nappy if she has to - after a little wriggle and cry.

And that's us up to date really, at least the things I can think of right now. (PS, thanks for all the support re: wobble on monday lol, it's hard to have perspective sometimes and I'm still really dreading Martin going back to work!)


  1. Beautiful pictures! That tandem nursing one is so... im not sure theres a word for it. If it gets sensored, I can imagin one of my cross emails coming on ;)

    Poorly morgan looks an awful lot like Toby in that picture :)

    Rowans head control is fantastic! I'm not sure if I told you this already, but you stole my next baby name!!

  2. Wow, those pictures really capture the beauty and nature of nursing! It's such a shame that the world sees breasts as pornographic, isn't it? Glad to hear that Morgan at least, is well.

  3. It's great to hear that EC is going so well - I'm intrigued about how we will get on with that when the time comes, so I'm soaking up tips from you already lol!


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