9 April 2009

And now I NEED chocolate...

Morgan cut her mouth open on a bit of glass and we've just got back from the hospital. (We have hanging pots in the garden for candles and she swung one so it hit the stake and broke, which would have been fine only in spite of my instruction - "leave it!!" - she tried to bring it to me and, typical absent-minded toddler, put it in her mouth as she was carrying it otherwise so very carefully!) It bled a bit but didn't seem too deep, only I could tell it might not heal very well being right in the corner of her mouth. I was right to dither, because so did everyone at the hospital. Apparently it really is a borderline case.

We could leave it and it might be fine. We could leave it and it might scar. We could leave it and it might not heal properly, leaving a big scar and putting her at risk of infection for months to come. We could stitch it but she would have to have general anasthetic. The two doctors we saw disagreed with each other about the best way to deal with it, and unfortunately for my usual leave-it-and-see aproach, the one who wanted to admit her right away was the facial specialist.

Otherwise, this is a remarkably rant-free entry for saying I've just been in the hospital talking to medical professionals for over an hour! Both doctors, and several nurses, were totally respectful of our decisions and didn't try to push us to accept their recommendations. We had nothing but positivity about her breastfeeding. And no mention of tetanus except to say that she wouldn't need a shot because it would get plenty of air. They didn't even ask if she had had the vaccine in the first place actually.

Really, the worst thing about having this decision to make isn't just that there isn't a right answer, it's the timing. The plan is to take her back in before breakfast, because the doctors did agree that if it was going to heal OK it would have started to come together by morning. But of course there is the possibility of a certain little due-now baby arriving overnight, or worse still in the morning, and I just couldn't be separated from Morgan if she does have to go under. :(
What to do? Hope she heals overnight, is all. And eat that cheesecake.


  1. sending you virtual chocolate, my dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You need it!

    I hope wee Morgan feels OK! And I hope you don't worry too much!

  2. With any luck it will be obvious the cut is knitting together by morning and concern over :)

    MMM and that cheesecake looks lovely - fancy posting the receipe when you get chance? :)


  3. Mmm, sure hun, it is very tasty! :) I'll type it up on GP in a second.

    First time I've made a baked cheesecake and it is GORGEOUS. Takes five hours including all the cooling and cooking time but is surprisingly low-faff.

  4. Aw, poor Morgan! (and poor mummy too; its horrible when they hurt themselves). Fingers crossed she's better in the morning. Is it hurting her to feed? If not, the milk is probably doing it some good

    Huge hugs for both of you xx

  5. She's nursing quite happily actually, I don't think it goes far enough inside her mouth for it to bother her much though she was a bit overwhelmed and upset by all the attention from people wearing gloves poking her!

    She's had a few quiet little nursing sessions, and also let me bathe it in dead sea salts (no I'm really *not* an evil mummy they don't actually sting lol). It's starting to look clean and the edges come together better now so I'm hopeful!

  6. Ow, poor little lamb, really hoping it's all healing by morning so she doesn't have to have anything more done.

    Love and gentle hugs

  7. I really hope she starts healing quickly, it's so awful when they hurt themselves. Sounds like you were treated well in hospital, luckily I have only once had to take one of mine to A&E for swallowing something with bleach in (argh!!!) and they grilled me on everything from her birth onwards. I lied about the jabs, I didn't think the MMR lecture was really relevant at that time ;)

    Mel xxx

  8. LOL yes, Jenna had fallen down the stairs twice by this age (she was so cautious and we always went up and down with her, but still) and I remember arguing about the MMR and thinking, "and what does this have to do with her potential head injury??"

    Morgan the child without fear has been up and down stairs alone from six months and has had SO MANY near misses, and never been in A&E before! She thought it was great fun!


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