28 August 2008

Morgan discovers the Joke

A few mornings ago, we were play fighting on our bed, when Morgan spotted Martin's night time cup of juice - placed high out of reach for obvious reasons. She sat right up, pointed, and said, "Joos!" I said, "The juice is all gone, none for Morgan." She repeated, louder, "JOOS!!" I said, "There isn't any, all gone."

We started tickling and playing again, and I pretended to be trying to steal a kiss. She screamed with laugher and crawled away from me, saying, "Kiss all gone!"

* * * * *

On Jenna's birthday Morgan was given some photographs of my mum's dog, Emma. (Yes, I know the dog has the same name as my best friend, it's confusing but we live with it. Morgan calls them both Nemma and she seems happy with that, though we usually try to call the dog Em-dog otherwise Jenna starts getting muddled about who is being spoken of.) Anyhow, Morgan took the photograph, looked at it seriously, and said, "Nemma!" Then she peeped around the living room door, pointed at the genuine article, and said, "Nemma!" again. Then she literally fell to the floor with laughter.

* * * * *

This morning my mum showed up (like she always does at such moments) to find me bewailing the packing and that Jenna seems to have almost no t-shirts that fit her at all. Mum kind of knew that this was causing issues, because she was the first person to realise that Jenna had shot up again and also because I dragged her into no less than three shops yesterday trying to find a 4yo t-shirt that fulfilled my simple criteria.

It must be t-shirt shaped. As opposed to with trendy puffy sleeves and strange adult shaping that can't possibly be worn under a pair of denim dungarees without making Jenna look deformed. It must be non-sexual. As opposed to the slogan things that are somehow still 'in' - "Here's cutie!" and "I'm Daddy's Little Princess" and worse still, "Sex Kitten" (honestly). It must be, in fact, fairly plain (flowers and butterflies, OK, stripes fine, constipated kittens and cartoon characters, not OK). FWIW I can cope with limited amounts of some of the above, but sometimes you just want a plain top, you know?

Well, Grandma to the rescue, she had only gone and found new coats for both girls, and some great stripey and flowery simple tops for Jenna. Morgan tried on her new coat, spread a huge grin across her face, pulled her arms back up into the sleeves, and waggled them at my middle brother - who totally cracked up. She carried on wiggling her empty sleeves at us and saying "ldldldld" for a little while, until she got too hot in fact.

Paul asked how she knew that doing her monster impression would be funny, and Mum replied that it was obvious. She tried it, she liked it, and she has a sense of humour. Admittedly a toddler sense of humour, but nevertheless. :)


  1. oh bless her heart! I was laughing along reading this post! I can see it all and it IS funny!
    I totally understand what you mean about the t-shirt!! My girls are pre-teens and i would just love to see them wear something sensible, normal and not pop starlet like...show me the shop and i will buy!!
    Hope you other daughter have a great birthday :)

  2. There was a play on today on the radio about someone who decided to go completly non gender specific for the first year and not let people know the gender of the baby at all to stop the hole sterio typical thing. Personally i want a girl and want to buy her frilly dresses my wife keeps saying...yes but a girl must have dungarees to climb trees in, and must play in mud. Apparently this is VERY important.

    My wife then says...ah what if we have a boy..easy says I ...put it in dresses, there we have got past the gender issue...

  3. We like frilly dresses - and so did Jenna until she started walking. Morgan crawled backwards at four months, so was mostly in trousers (crawling in skirts etc is a real pain). Climbing trees and mud are very important too, so although Jenna is now back in pretty girly clothes sometimes, she also needs tough boy-trousers with reinforced knees. ;)

    Hubby and I were discussing dresses for boys yesterday. We agreed that we'd be OK with that if we had a boy who wanted girl clothes - we'd probably tell him that the rest of the world might be funny about it, or think he was a girl, and offer to buy a kilt or other traditional boy-skirt. After all, we're one of few societies that find boys in skirts so strange (good for fighting in hilly country, apparently).


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