18 August 2008

The X Files

Um, so, our chickens have vanished. I mean, not a feather, not a squawk. Vanished.

My first theory was that someone had popped over next door's fence and pinched them. Jenna said she thought they had flown away and gone to live somewhere else. Martin thought they'd been pinched by elderly and stately Mrs Fox or the younger Mr Fox who likes to play on our trampoline.

If someone thought they could eat them then good luck to them. Not for nothing is the stereotype of a "tough old bird". If they flew off I would have expected them to turn up hungry and sheepish after a few hours (well, chicken-ish I guess, but sheepish somehow sounds more guilty-looking). If we'd had a Foxy visitor then where are all the feathers and gore? We've seen what foxes do before. :S

To start with I was just puzzled, and Jenna was just philosophical. Well she's still philosophical ("oh well, we can always get new chickens") and I am devastated! Argh I was really attached to these chickens! They were so calm and good natured, and followed me around in that animal self-centred way when I gardened in case a nice worm came up. They were so funny and they had already survived such a lot.

And the past tense is killing me! *sigh*


  1. Animals are selfish beasts you know. I once had a goldfish and a cat. The goldfish was looking bored so i took him out of his bowl and put him on the patio where he flipped around in excitment. I left the goldfish and cat playing together and when I got back the goldfish had vanished. Not a word of a goodbye. The cat was really friendly. You see everyone had told me cats where not loyal..but it goes to show its the goldfish you have to watch..and the chickens it seems.

    It might be worth checking to see if a neigbour has sheep as birds of a feather like flocks.

    Im not helping much am i?

  2. Oh I hope they soon come home, wagging their tail feathers behind them. Surely they went of their own accord, no apparent fox, and wouldn't they have kicked up a fuss if someone had tried to steal them?
    Ever the optimist lol.

  3. Have you considered alien abduction?

  4. aww poor you and poor chickens :(
    What a mystery, wouldnt it be great if you woke up one morning and they'd returned from their adventure.....erm think I may have been reading a few to many childrens stories lately, I really do hope you find out what happened :)

    Hope you're not feeling to sick n tired, by the way, sending healthy peaceful vibes to you.

    sue xx

  5. Absolutely no sign of them still. I have to check any time I'm in the kitchen, just a quick look outside... The worst thing is, just like with the others, I keep imagining I can hear them!

    Well we're going to have to replace them... We paid for a huge sack of food to be delivered next month already!


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