4 August 2008

Lots of smiles

My new slings arrived! Here you can see my gorgeous new Nino Aqua, with Morgan asleep in a back wrap.

We've had another lovely weekend. I am feeling full up with love and with quiet times with my children and with Martin. After Church we did a bug hunt all the way to Emma and Chris's house, where we had lunch and spent some time in their garden with them. Hey, why am I telling you? I have some great pictures...

And my mum popped round late on Sunday with some flowers that Jenna had picked in her garden for me, and forgotten to bring home yesterday. :)


  1. Lots of sling envy from me here! It's gorgeous. i have a new (well secondhand) GMBB in Morgaine that I can't wait to try out with the new baby :)

    Your family pictures are always so lovely. I'm glad you've had a fulfilling family weekend. Ash has 4 weeks off in two days time and I can't wait to just be together :)

  2. I LOVE the Morgaine! I can't justify it really as we have the Freya which Martin is very attached to. But it is a beautiful sling - can't wait to see pictures of your little newborn in it. :)

  3. Stunning pictures, beautiful colours


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