5 August 2008

A complaint

Miss baby Morgan, I need some sleep. Waking up at 1am is OK. Spending the rest of the night attached to me, crying when my pregnant bladder forces me to get up and pay the bathroom a visit, and holding on to the breast as if you will never get another chance at it again, is NOT OK.

I cannot lay on one side for six hours. I cannot survive on so little rest. Whatever it is that is waking you up, I really wish you could tell me about it in a way I understand because I am not doing very well at being available to you so much of the night.

I am getting bad-tempered - you may have noticed. You are up to THREE nights of this now, and I'm sure you must be practically swimming in mummy-milk.

Signed, your very tired and not very pleasant Mummy.


  1. I know this feeling well atm, tarka has just started waking for night feeds again after sleeping through for a few months. I feel AWFUL today, too tired to make it through the day and it is only 10am! lol

    Hugs Gina xxx

  2. Gosh it's just exhausting isn't it? I don't envy doing it with the bigger bump either. (hugs)

    It's so much worse when they have given us lots of rest and then take a Milk Monster holiday from sleeping all over again. Trying really hard not to be impatient with her - she isn't choosing to make my life difficult. ;)

  3. ROFL oh so much for me to look forward to - well not the kicking my bladder..

  4. have posted the passover thing at last!!

  5. I hope this comment drifts above you sleeping peacefully, each one of you in your home, and not to be read until you have had your fill of sleep.

  6. Thanks. :) She was awake early again, but didn't require my services and went right back to sleep for Daddy this morning. He's a star!

    Honestly the legnths we go to for some sleep, I sprayed her whole room with white chestnut flower remedy and lavender oil the last two nights in a row...


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