22 August 2008


...is Jenna's last ever day of being three.

Personally I've not adjusted to being the parent of a three year old yet, so how I'm going to get my head around her being four is anyone's guess. A friend laughed when I confessed this, and said that there is no way she's prepared to be the parent of a teen and yet her oldest turns 13 soon no matter what she thinks about it.

Well, we're going to find some fun things to do and enjoy preparing for birthday treats anyway. :)


  1. 13 year olds i feel confident with - whether i will when its mine is another mayyet. what scares me is a new born. Petrify would be a better expression...

    good luck with a four year old!

  2. oh can't wait to hear about your day.
    Happy belated birthday x


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