1 August 2008

More painting, party invites, and Lammas bread

Yesterday I totally overdid it again, and walked most of the six mile round trip to my client and back - visiting a sari shop on the way home to get some fabric for a gorgeous hippy skirt. I was shattered (and had blistered BOTH feet by wearing sandals, I should know better by now honestly) and didn't even manage to cook in the evening. Another admission; we eat takeaway! ;)

Today has been much more restful. Both children came back wearing a collection of bruises and scabs, from bike riding and tripping over their own and each others' feet. Thankfully this time Morgan did NOT come back in a chemical nappy, since I had words with FIL about sending back a full bag of clean nappies with her each week. I mean, we don't send cloth with her for fun, and they are stuffables so are exactly the same to put on as a sposie anyway!

We have painted our hands and feet to make prints (most frequently requested activity from Jenna age three). Today Morgan helped to paint her sister, as well as getting nice and painty herself (in this picture my brother and his wife have come a-visiting from their home in Estonia and kindly taken the tiny for a bath).

We made birthday party invites using the blow painting method, and glittery fish using the PVA-and-a-tray method. PVA and glitter features a lot in my home, for obvious reasons. Mess + sparkle, it's practically a Sarah manifesto...

And we made a Lammas loaf, inspired by Liz. I used to make bread with my mum as a child all the time, and enjoy it more than ever now with my own children! We often make shapes, and also usually make plaited challah on a friday for Sabbath. Making the old-fashioned sheaf was fun! :)

We made some candles too but I didn't take any pictures of them yet. And now the girls are running around in the garden, eating soil, chasing the chickens, generally being gorgeous. I'm feeling very blessed. Doing some bits and pieces to celebrate Lammas (though we already had the Jewish Firstfruits) really helped to remind me of all of those things I take for granted. The tomatoes ripening on their bushes are calling me to join the children in the garden and appreciate it all...


  1. Your bread looks fantastic, way more professioanl than ours lol! Your blog is so inspiring Sarah!

  2. Lovely post. Your bread looks great!


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