20 August 2008

General updates and some more moaning

Ugh - sick sick sick. :( The philosophical, "well I *do* want a baby" approach is no longer working, and the "staying on the sofa with lots of peppermint tea and a big bowl" approach is more appropriate. *sigh*

On monday I was cheered up considerably, by a gift from the lovely homeschooling lady I did the sling demonstration for. She had accepted my usual statement that I don't accept payment for babywearing classes, but ignored me totally and sent me a Lush voucher! I needed to get shampoo etc anyway (all of the expensive things run out at once, it's some kind of universal law) and I was a bit worried that it was going to be a rather larger spend than usual. Well, I got £60 worth of products for £17.50 - thanks to a nice offer on a very expensive moisturiser, some recycling (5 pots taken back = one face mask free) and the voucher from my friend. :)

Today I have been parceling up things to send to expectant friends. Also a satisfying task. Expecially since it represents a couple of hours at the sewing machine in spite of the odds against such activity. *pleased with self*

I have had only one child for short periods over the last few days. Jenna stayed with my mum one night, but when the next day it was Morgan's turn to go without *her*... She ran upstairs in tears and I could hear her jumping on the bed in a total rage saying, "It's not nice if people take people's friends away... She's my baby and I love her... I'm so cross! I'm so sad I might DIE if she doesn't come back! I need my sister... I want my friend back..."

Later she told me that it's OK if Morgan doesn't go with her when SHE goes out, because she's busy so she doesn't miss her. But if Morgan goes out without her then she has to keep remembering and missing her all the time. When they were reuninted they hugged for the longest time before I got a look in, and of course ten minutes later they were arguing over a toy...


  1. Aww :) I think me and my sister where thumping hells bells out of each other by that age. We only started getting on when I got to about 14 :)

    Pregnancy sickness is the worst isnt it? I remember thinking that if one more person told me that the baby would be worth it, then I was going to thump them. That, or aim the next wave of vomit into their hood while they werent looking. Not very christian but neither was my pregnancy :)

  2. Lots of sympathy for the sickness, early pregnancy is not a bundle of laughs is it...Thaks so much for the wrapping help too, will reply properly as soon as I have 5 spare minutes lol!

    Love Gina xx


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