3 August 2008

On being a hippy

I have given up. Why fight it? I love tie dye and sari fabrics and retro florals and making things from scratch and getting back to the garden (so to speak).

When I first became a parent, I was 19. That means I automatically got that label, "teen mum". Without going into the rights and wrongs of labelling people or the rights and wrongs of looking down on young parents, the label really sucked. It made me hyper-aware and fearful of conforming to the stereotype. It made me really feel I had to be a certain way, had to proove myself. Maybe all that worked out to the good, but it was quite a heavy burden to put on someone just figuring things out with a newborn!

I was so determined to be taken seriously I took to dressing more conservatively for a while. I was afraid of looking student-y and irresponsible. I worried about buying and making plain slings, and not wanting to wear tracksuit tops (even though they were comfy post-pregnancy), and stopping dying my hair. I avoided tie-dye.
But I LIKE tie-dye. And henna does not a hippy make. When it comes down to it neither does natural living or gentle parenting! What the original hippies would make of me is anyone's guess...

Well, today I re-did my henna, and finished my sari-dress, and I finally put a part of that to rest. To be frank, I have decided that if breastfeeding and babywearing and keeping chickens make me a hippy, so be it. I'll look like what I want to look like, live in line with my beliefs, and not give a damn about what anyone thinks of that. I'm not defined by what I wear. I'm not defined by what I do. What I am is more than that.

See the red wax-explosion candle? Jenna made that on friday! :)


  1. Gorgeous sari material, I've just been through the same 'accepting that I like *hippy* tie-dye stuff - so why fight it' thing lol! You look fab btw ;)

  2. Your season table looks fantastic too, beautiful bright colours :)

  3. Arwen, I went through a little phase myself of trying to look respectable, but gave up fairly quickly, I still skip down the street, and on occasion have been known to wear a huge pink fluffy coat. My umbrella is a children's one which has a cow print on it and ears. Be yourself and don’t worry about the label!

    The Broken man


  4. I agree, if you're happy looking like a "hippy" go for it. When I was at 6th form, I dressed in DM's, floaty skirts, tie-dye, patchwork pants etc and then mid 20's a got rid of most of that stuff (apart from the DM's, this girl and her DM's will never be parted) and started to dress in a more grown up way. I've given up and now at 32, I wear floaty stuff, patchwork and all the other stuff I used to. That's just the way I am although whether when DD gets to school and I don't dress like other Mum's, I'm probably going to get more grief.

    Enjoy being yourself.

  5. Wonderful, bright, gorgeous seasons table and wonderful, bright, beautiful, gorgeous Hippy Mama

  6. Ha ha! I was labelled a hippy all through school and university and I still am! What people call us is their choice, not ours, and if they have a problem with us being "insert label here" then that is up to them. Apart from the tracksuits, it doesn't sound like you were fittinf the "teen mum" stereotype. I'm still scared of being called a teen mum when it finally happens, because twice this year, I have been told I look 13! Gulp!
    You look fantastic in that photo!
    Long live tie-dye!

  7. Why thankyou. :) I made that top in about half an hour first thing that morning! Got the idea from www.enwrapturevintage.com


  8. Go for it Sarah! Embrace your inner hippy!

    I love your new sling btw! Its gorgeous! How old is Morgan, if you don't mind me asking? Phoebe is nearly 19 months now and is refusing to be slung. :( I miss it.

  9. I think she's 20 months, and prefers to walk than ride but she doesn't have a choice if we have a long way to go lol.

    I'm looking forward to slinging a tiny baby again. :)


  10. I have just unpacked boxes that contained 'memories' from my childhood and found some gorgeous clothes I used to love - I always looked different, favoured the charity shop look and regularly made/altered things myself. It made me quite sad to realise how I have changed - growing up? children? tiredness? I don't know but I vowed to get back to something of what I used to be. I'm always making the girls why not make myself something? So long live you being a hippy and happy. x

  11. I could have written this post. In fact, I probably have somewhere :)
    I became a mum at 18 too. I relate to how you have felt.
    And the hippy thing, well we're veggie tie dying t shirts this week lol!


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