11 August 2008

Another wedding and more excuses

My dad was married on Saturday, and if this comes as a surprise to many friends it's because sometimes it's easier to say nothing at all than to risk saying something unpleasant. They are both lovely people, and whatever I may think about their motives for marrying I wish them well. And so I have little to say apart from to mention that there were no seats for us at the reception. We therefore spent most of the rest of a day, thus far used in being exhaustively nice to distant family, trying to get the children to stay on our knees long enough for us to eat something....

More thoughts perhaps another time. ;)

On to the excuses again. I'm still falling asleep here there and everywhere. And I'm now officially sick. As usual. Which makes me both insanely jealous of those who enjoy being pregnant, and also generally just miserable. I'm sorry, I can't see it as a good sign - I've had hyperemesis with all 5 previous pregnancies too...

Here are two of the pictures of the girls and I ready to go on Saturday though. The hippy skirt I made myself, and the tot dresses were charity sale bargains, at a combined cost of £2. So many people asked where we got them from, it made me feel rather smug. ;)


  1. You know you don't have to be pleasant all the time?! ;)
    Especially when not provided with a seat...

  2. I don't think I was very pleasant at the time. ;) I got grumpier and grumpier - although I suspect that dad thankfully didn't notice!

    It really was an exercise in not saying things I really wanted to for most of the day. I *am* going to write it up actually, I think perhaps there are some things worth writing. ;)


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