17 August 2008

Birthday parties and more compliments *smug*

Jenna's party went wonderfully yesterday.

We decorated the living room really early in the morning so that I wouldn't have to get everything ready on my own (Martin had to work a half day) and when the children came down for breakfast the consensus was "wow"! We had decided not to use any throw-away banners or balloons, so I painted some giant paper lanterns with turquoise fabric paint and lots of tiny pink fish. With Jenna's stuffed fish, and the layered home-made paper fish, and lots of green ribbon "seaweed", I was really pleased with everything! :) Oh, also it cost about £2 in total and can all be reused.

We had come up with lots of co-operative party games, and some craft activities, and a sand "treasure hunt" (like a lucky dip in a sand box). The children all seemed happy, and Jenna was (as usual) revelling in being the centre of attention. ;)

Pictures to follow when I have permission from all the other families involved.

And then of course off we went to our second party of the day, for my youngest brother. The children didn't crash until 10pm on the way home, and were incredibly well behaved all day. *phew* All of the teenage lads were great with them, playing with both girls and letting them talk (and talk and talk). Most of them have no experience of small children at all, so I was in the great parental position of having people come up to me all evening to tell me how capable they are, how smart and funny and clever, how pleasant and polite they are.

Sometimes there is an up-side to the worldview that children are primarily a nuisance, hard work, rude and disobedient. ;)

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