4 August 2008

A totally shameless brag on Jenna

OK so first things first, the flowers she picked for me. :) Mushy motherly feelings abound.

This morning she went out for a swim with my mum, and had her (increasingly rare) dance class. Actually they both did, and I had a mega-cleaning session which is really very unlike me. I have that total pregnancy exhaustion thing, but also in between feeling like I need to sleep for the next 24 hours, short but massive bursts of energy. When the girls got back, this is what Jenna did.

She asked me twice for the "matching piece" and I found it for her, but the rest she did herself. She intuitively understands these cards, and after a few minutes of placing them in random order she started to see how to use them together. Unschooling math again, anyone?


  1. (found you from the broken man!)
    I think your daughter is pretty darn smart myself. I have 3 (a lot older than yours but i have been there, 2 pink and 1 blue!) I also teach 4 -5 year olds and i can say none of mine that i teach could put together a "puzzle" like that one! She is a clever bean! I'm a firm believer in "your kids get out what you put in!" So even if you are a "young" mum - you are doing a grand job :)(i too was a young mum once LOL) I hope you get an obviously well deserved full nights sleep :)

  2. Hi,
    I used to read your diary on the IV AP board.
    Wow, Jenna's pattern is amazing!! Can i ask where you got the cards from? i think a set would go down really well in my house :)

  3. They are the Mandala Cards from Myriad toys (www.myriadonline.co.uk) and I was quite shocked at her instinctive grasp of what to do with them, they are really quite an advanced task. I spend hours messing about with them myself, I admit I didn't really buy if for her - I think the age guideline says 7+...

  4. Thank you! and I just wanted to echo what Jill said, i think she is very smart! I am off to look for them...


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